I have known Pat a good many years and when she told me was a qualified Reiki Master/Teacher, I laughed at her and said “you're crackers”.

Yes. I was one of those people that did not believe in Reiki, I thought that it was another one of those money making scams but I was about to be proved wrong.

I have a shire horse of between 15 – 18 years old and he went lame. As always, the vet was called and he said it could be the onset of arthritis, as this does tend to come on in horse of this size & weight.

The treatment of painkillers and anti-inflammatory injections for the rest of his life, which of course is not good. I had to think of his quality of life and as he such a big horse, if he got down in his stable and could not get up....so my decision was hard. If this was the case, I could not let him suffer and I would have him put to sleep.

A week or so later, Pat called and she knew something was bothering me and when I told her what had happened, she said, “let me come and try Reiki on Fudge”. I said, “it will not work, but you can come.” At the weekend, she came over to the stables and brought two other Masters with her and they set to work on Fudge. I did not tell them where the problem was, all they knew was he had been lame. After a while with the girls from the yard looking on, she told me which leg he was lame on and the other joints where it was hurting. We all looked at each other, amazed. For once in his life Fudge stood there and went to sleep, as you can imagine he is a big strong horse who does not like anyone messing with him, especially three people touching his body.

The day after, there was a great improvement. He trotted out of his stable and went into his field, and kicked his legs in the air, which he had not done for a very long time. He has had a couple more treatments since then and we have not had to use the drugs, so I hope that this is the answer I have been looking for.

Another one of the ponies became ill on the yard. She had laminitis; one of the causes of which is too rich grass in the spring. The pony could not walk and it was touch and go whether she would survive. Pat did not know about this pony, and on Fudge's last session, Pat and the other women were walking down the yard and she said to Tina, the woman that owns the pony, “This horse is very sick, she has sore legs and feet and there’s a blockage in her tummy.” Pat and the women did not know what was wrong with her at all, so she asked Tina if they could go in to see Echo. One of the women who does know horses said, “She’s starting with colic (which is a blockage in their intestines.) I went in to listen for gut movement (you should always be able to hear a gurgling in their tummy) but there was none. Echo has had treatment and different supplements added to her diet and she is well on the road to recovery.

So all I can say is THANK YOU Pat, Ingrid, Gary and all the team