Psychic Protection

Psychic Protection strengthens your aura and creates a safe place around you that nothing negative can penetrate.

VISUALISATION- Imagine a form of protective shield around you and your aura. This could be a force field of bright white light, a bubble.

TALISMAN- Wearing a crystal or symbol can act as protection. For some it could be a religious symbol or something given to you by a loved one. The best crystal for protection is black tourmaline.

PHYSICAL- Crossing your ankles and wrists seals your energy circuits not allowing others to tap into it.

ASK- Before beginning any psychic or spiritual development work or if you are in need of protection. Ask your spirit guides, Angels, or loved your mum in spirit to draw close to you and keep you protected.

MAINTENANCE- Keep your energy levels up, keep healthy and positive.

Also be aware of your own negative thoughts and actions, and the effect they could have.

LYCHNOMANCY is burning three identical candles, and compare the flames. If one flame burns brighter than the others, the omens are good. All three burning unevenly suggests danger.

Use white candles.