Miracles do Happen

BY Gaye

Pat's Story

I read a book on spells a long time ago, that said the best spells are the ones that are home made. I feel that what ever you do in any spell, what you are doing is setting you intent. It does not matter what you say or use, it is the intent behind what you do and say that makes it work.

After talking to a client a few days ago, she mentioned about the need to sell her mums house, so I suggested she did a spell to get it too sell. She replied that she would if only she knew how. So knowing that she had recently purchased 13 crystal skulls, I suggested she placed them all in a circle facing inwards with the tea light as suggested in the above discussion in the centre. I told her about writing her wish on the small bit of paper but told her to write down a period of time in which she wanted the house to sell. I then suggested she cast the circle with a wand or her finger and said in her own words what she wanted the skulls to do.

She blew my socks off when two days later she rang me to say that the house had sold subject to contract. SUCCESS!

Pat who was the client wrote to me again last night asking me to share this with the website. She has also had a number of readings, which have been highly accurate, and when she reported back on what had come to pass simply amazed both of us. We sat at the beginning of her last reading laughing aloud in amazement at what she was revealing to me.

 Pat first came to me for a reading some time ago because someone she had crossed paths with in this lifetime appeared so familiar to her that she felt she must have known him in some capacity in a previous lifetime. Pat is psychic herself and did not really need a reading from me, but wanted clarification on what she already knew herself. Her initial reading request was for a small angel reading and a quick answer tarot reading. Both clarified her own intuition with me confirming her own initial thoughts; that she had in fact known this man in a previous lifetime. I told her that they had been man and wife previously and she felt she had to share this with him but did not know quite how she would go about it. How do you tell a total stranger that you were married to them in a previous lifetime?

Pat rang me amazed at what information had come out of the short readings and very soon booked an hour-long session via the telephone. Since then, I feel a strong bond developing with Pat and love talking to her about everything she does. Pat is one of the warmest and bubbly people I have ever had the pleasure of talking too and one day would love to meet her in person.

To cut a long story short, Pat recently met the man in question and broached the subject with him. He was not surprised and he to felt the strong connection between them. He himself is psychic but didn’t feel comfortable with his abilities and so had put it to bed so to speak for the time being. I feel that in time he will once again allow these skills to surface with the help of Pat.

Pat informed me today that her mums house is definitely going through and that in fact, the couple making the purchase had it checkout out so fast that even the estate agent was amazed at how fast it was moving! Talk about divine intervention!=== Having been asked to share Pats story with my website as she felt it would inspire people, I felt that it not only deserved pride of place on the main website but should also be a part of the Spirit Walker Community.

Pat wrote to me after reading the above and asked me if she could do a write up for my website to which I agreed and it is displayed below.

When Dreams Become a Reality by Patricia Senior

It was whilst I was perusing the internet that I came across ‘Spirit Walker Crystals.’ I was in crystal heaven, as I looked at all the goods for sale, my favourite being the crystal skulls. What power they projected. Eventually I had my thirteen skulls along with every crystal an angel you could think of, not to mention a Buddha or two!

I had always known I had a special gift and at times, it was a curse, as I did not know how to control it. Often my mouth would engage before my brain had time to connect, putting me in a rather embarrassing situation. I needed confirmation on a problem that had arisen, and I say a problem, because when I saw a picture of my publisher; I instantly recognised him as my husband from a past life

Now, I had to reveal this information to a man I had never even spoken to except through emails, so I contacted Gaye and arranged a reading

It did not take her long to confirm what I already new and more. When I put the phone down, I thought about what she had told me and knew without any doubt that I was going to have to divulge this information to my publisher. I have always known that I was an earth angel and was put on this earth to help people. I just needed this human body as a vehicle to get around in

Before you think, I have lost the plot or worse barking mad, let me explain.

I speak to the angels and they have given me incredible information. This, I felt was not where I wanted to go, so I changed direction and became a Reiki Master/Teacher. I am also a writer, artist and animal rescuer. My work has taken me down many roads, some have been paved with gold and others have been rocky with me ricocheting from one disaster to another.

Recently I needed to know if my life was going to change direction again, only this time I was going to be prepared.

Again, I rang Gaye, and sure enough, what she told me was downright amazing.

I decided for my own sanity that I should have a monthly reading with her to keep an eye on which direction my life was going; and soon we developed a strong friendship. I cannot reveal what she told me as a third party might be embarrassed; but I can say it has opened up a whole new world, and I am about to take my first step into the unknown.

Normally I would have thought to myself, ‘No way,’ but with Gaye’s amazing guidance; I can, and will, achieve my dreams, as I know they will soon become a reality.

I have just had confirmation about my work situation, and again, Gaye was right. All I can say is watch this space. I have been fortunate to meet a few Angels through my work and I count Gaye as one of them.

If you are unsure about something and need an answer, do not worry about it, just pick up the phone and let Gaye help you.

My name is Pat Senior and if any one would like to talk to me, you can contact me on lexus.greyhounds@ntlworld.com

May love, light, peace and protection be with you all.