Manifesting - What does Love have To Do With It?

Since the release of ‘The Secret’ a couple of years ago, huge numbers of people have been trying to “manifest their desires” and “create the life of their dreams”. Still, for the majority, their efforts yield little satisfactory result… if any at all.
Of course, we hear about positive results and even great achievements every now and then… However, we hear little about the actual alarming failure rate for the majority of the millions of faithful practitioners around the globe.
In fact, results seem very arbitrary… haphazard… not even marking a 50/50 chance of success… It seems to work in some conditions, but not in others.So let me ask you this:
How is that possible if there is supposed to be a ‘natural law’ at work that we’ve come to call the ‘Law of Attraction’? If it is a ‘Law’, then failure would be impossible… right? Is there something we are missing?
The prevailing body of knowledge on manifesting teaches you to a process of congruent thinking, visualizing, acting, and so on. In that process, you are told to focus on what you want.
In addition, obviously, focusing on what you want is definitely much better than focusing on what you do not want. Nevertheless, judging from the results for most people… the ‘focusing on what you want’ in the way people are currently doing it does not seem to lead to consistent manifesting.
So could it be that there is an element that does not get the emphasis it requires?
Yes there is. That element is ‘love’… though not the kind of love in terms of fancying someone. Instead, the kind of love I am referring to is a‘universal’ kind.
What is love?From a ‘universal’ perspective, you can see ‘love’ as the balance of all… true peace of mind. In ‘real life’ terminology, it could take on forms like:

Projecting this at yourself, ‘universal love’ is the freedom for you to be who you really want to be… the person who you truly are inside… which is not necessarily what others think you should be.
Projecting this at others, ‘universal love’ is the freedom for others to be who they really want to be… the persons who they truly are inside… not what you or anyone else think they should be.
‘Universal love’ in that regard is never seeking to impose anything on anyone (including yourself)… and simply allowing unique creative energies to manifest themselves naturally… without the artificially imposed norms colouring the definition of how that should take place.
This is exactly what most people forget!
I mean, let us be honest: What are you trying to manifest in life?

People get into ‘manifesting their desires’ because they want to live the life of their dreams… But let me ask you this:
What is the ‘life of your dreams’ anyway?  Is it living the artificial image of what others think you should be?
Of course not: It’s the life of being whom you truly are inside, and the happiness and abundance in any area that come with living that image!
This is the main reason for a lack of results:
You already know at the deepest level of your being what you desire. Therefore, there is no need to put any additional focus on it. You are automatically doing that, once you reconnect to the core of which you really are… love yourself for being that, and think, feel and act from that place!
However, most people get interested in ‘manifesting their desires’ because of the opportunities they see for effortless personal material gain and selfish interests.
Now do not get me wrong, because there is nothing inherently wrong with material wealth…
However, it becomes a problem once you see material gain as the very thing that’s supposed to testify of your alleged ‘success’ in your desire for the confirmation of other people that you’re okay.
This desire for other people’s approval inherently implies that you subconsciously think you are not okay, which means that you lack self-love. And so that will be the state of mind you’re resonating to, which in turn will ‘manifest’ and ‘mirror’ itself in your life.
Clearly, it would appear that you are ‘attracting’ or ‘manifesting’ the opposite of what you really want… which explains why so many people see the results of their manifesting efforts as failure.
So do you think that your efforts in practicing the principles manifestation will work for you if you don’t even allow yourself to live your life the way you really want to live it deep down inside?
It does not. The missing element is ‘love’. Love is not a feeling or emotion. It is the essence of who you are. That is what’s love has to do with it.