Love Spell

by Gaynor Mentiply

What you will need.

A large crystal egg about 50 - 60 mm - Rhodonite or rose quartz.

Two angels - one rose quartz, one rhodonite if possible, any size would be fine but if it was me I would go for about 60 - 70 mm which is what I am being shown in my head

13 Skulls

A rose quartz heart and a rhodonite heart (small puff hearts)

13 rhodochrosite tumblestones, if you have them or rose quartz if you don't.

A length of ribbon (any colour).

Place the thirteen skulls in a circle as before.

Write on the piece of paper your wish, fold it into a small piece and place under the tea light candle, then replace the candle into the tin holder on top of your message.

Place the candle in the centre with all thirteen skulls around it facing into the centre.

Place the two angels either side of the tea light and the two hearts on the opposite sides so it makes up four in a circle around the tea light.

The angels would represent you and the person you want to attract. You would be the rose quartz, the person you want to attract the rhodonite.

The two hearts are yours and his.

Place the rose quartz tumble stones inside the circle at the chins of the skulls.

Place the ribbon in a circle around the angels and hearts on the surface of the table or floor and tie in a bow.

Light the candle.

Seal the circle of skulls with your wand and say this rhyme three times.

With this wand our love shall be sealed,
No longer in time shall it be concealed.
Let love flow between us with the ease of light,
For we are meant to be together both day and night.
When the candle is burnt and the egg in place,
He shall be torn until he sees my face.
At my side is where he is meant to be.
Now bring this man forth to me.

Leave the candle to burn out completely and seal your request into the wax.

Then place the egg on top of the empty tea light holder and leave alone for the universe to then provide what you have asked for.

"If you need a spell for any reason contact Gaynor at Spirit Walker.

I can vouch for her effectiveness.

Pat Senior