Leap of Faith

The reality is that we live in an ever-changing universe and this change is not something that happens just ‘out there’ - it happens to every one of us, constantly. Our bodies are in a situation of constant change every single day of our lives, whether we fight it with Botox, face lifts or age defying face cream!!!– this goes against the universe and so we have to cut ourselves off from our feeling receptors so that we remain ‘unchanged’ – so we go against our basic instincts – leading to more negative energy and depression and in turn letting our fear get the better of us – our fear of change. This fear of stepping out of our comfort zone is very real and leads us down many twists and turns in our mind as we try to figure everything out. This in turn can uncover more fears and if we are not careful, paranoia. This fear can overwhelm your desire to change and keep you in the same old behaviour patterns or situations – the fear will keep you from moving forwards and realizing your goals, ambition or life purpose. The fear puts out the flame of desire within you – however, our true essence is a vital force and full of light – this light is what will fight against the fear and overcome it.

If we go with our instincts and follow the new path that this change is opening up for us it is important to remain grounded and centred. We have to keep checking in with our instincts to make sure that we are still on the new path and still evolving. The feeling of empowerment and light that flows through your body when proceeding to your true-life intention is magnificent, and you can smile at the memory of being unwilling to take the initial leap off the cliff in the first place. Your bravery has been rewarded with a deep knowing that you have been true to yourself and is in harmony with the universe.

So here is the fool, one foot on the edge of the cliff. The other foot hanging in mid-air. Turning his back on everything familiar, ready to head off into the unknown with his few belongings to sustain him along the way. We don’t actually need to take much with us on this journey as the universe will provide for us and manifest what we need along the way. This is part of the energy of the fool – trusting in the universe, trusting in our higher self, living in the moment, and believing in ourselves, following our hearts, no matter how crazy or foolish our dreams may seem to be.

The Fool card is all about beginnings, being spontaneous, accepting your choices, and having faith. The Fool is about courage, optimism, the belief in trusting your instincts and intuition and being in harmony with the ever changing universe.