Earth Angels

I have been doing dog rescue for over 30 years. Let me take you on a journey of heartbreak, love, abuse and kindness.

Yes, dog rescue is very hard, expensive and very cruel. My journey started over 30 years ago when I adopted my first lurcher. I had no idea what happened when a greyhound's racing life was over, but I soon found out and the horrors will live with me for the rest of my life.

Then there are the poor old dogs that are thrown onto the street because their owner has died and the family do not want the bother of an old dog, but they rub their hands after the funeral when they get their inheritance.

Maybe you have stopped reading at this point, but carry on, I want you to know just what it is like to abuse and break the heart of a poor soul who had been loved and now thrown into the pound on death row. What terrifying thoughts go through their heads as they wait execution?

Still reading? You must be an animal lover then. Whatever atrocity you can think of, I have seen it. Thankfully, our four legged friends are very forgiving and give love unconditionally even though they have been to hell and back.

Then there are a very few earth Angels that help me make a difference to the many dogs I rescue. They are Pat Drury, Lorraine, Jean, Ingrid, Christine, Val, Karen, John and Marilyn, Lisa Webb GRWE, Kathy and Pat Childs. Yes, only a few, but they make such a big difference. They bring dog food, walk the dogs, and foster for me and find homes.

I do not have many friends as I work twenty-four seven, fifty two weeks a year looking after these wonderful souls.

My mission in life is to help relieve the suffering of the poor souls who have been abused and hurt. I do not apologise for being offensive and I do not care what people think about me either as my four legged friends give me all the love I need. I am not a material person and I do not give a stuff if I don’t wear designer clothes and go on holidays.

I am proud of who I have become, I am blessed to have the friends I have, and I am very honoured to be a part of a dogs journey back to health and love.

I have been told I am a talented artist, writer and singer, but the biggest talent I have is compassion and love in my heart for the dogs I rescue.

Pat Senior