Living in Challenging Times

We live in challenging times… Sometimes it is easy to lose touch with the joy and laughter of life. Learning to work with your spirit guide can help build a bridge between the different planes of consciousness and restore your trust in the universe. Enabling you to gather your innate wisdom with-in the search for the higher meaning of life.

The veil between the worlds is growing thinner. An increasing number of people see and hear their guides and many long to do so. When the veil lifts, we get a glimpse of the other realms. These exhilarating moments happen to ordinary people in everyday ordinary life, more often than suspected. Some of us are aware of a presence that accompanies us everywhere we go, we talk sub- consciously and receive replies that can flood the mind.

A guide is from the human stream and has been incarnate here on earth, many times. They have reached a stage where they no longer need to incarnate to further their evolution. You may have met your guide in a previous life. Your guide may take on a personality that you are likely to recognise. If you had a happy Native American lifetime with a wise chief, your guide may show himself as that chief. If your past spiritual journey took place in Tibet your guide may be dressed in such a way as to remind you of your past learning’s. Loved ones that have past, from this lifetime can draw close to us and guide us from the other realms. They work invisibly leading you to your true pathways.

Guides want to be our loving companions. They will encourage us to widen our viewpoint consciously or unconsciously. Your guide can give you a wider perspective, wise counsel, and help you understand the higher principle of your existence. They will channel their wisdom to help with the dilemmas of life. Connecting to your guide will enable you to gather your innate wisdom, help you search for the higher meaning of life. A spirit painting of your guide will help you work towards a more consciously co-operative relationship with your guide. You will learn to sense their being, to receive and recognise their guiding signs and influences. Learning to work with your guide will help you grow less anxious and more empowered to bring about changes in your life, help you work towards healing yourself, humanity and the planet.